The Star (*) key will access MENU OPTIONS for the following features when in any conference

· Sub Conference Rooms Helpful if meeting needs to split out to resolve different action items.
  (Host & Guests)
· Unlimited Rooms Assign each department /case/project its own room for no overlapped calls and convenient   billing detail (Online Account Management)
· Lecture Mode or Question and Answer Mode Turn on/off the speaking privileges of all guests (Host Only)
· Self-Muting Pound (#) key is the self-mute feature. This will turn the mute feature on and off for each   individual. Helpful if caller is on a bad cellular phone connection or is in a noisy location. (Host & Guests)
· Roll Call Play roll call to self or to everyone (Host Only)
· Lock Conference Room from additional participants entering (Host Only)
· End Call End call and disconnect participants (Host Only)
· Conference Recording Start and stop conference recordings during any call (Host Only)
· High quality digital (CD or FTP) recordings. Cost: $15.00 per recording.

  Online Account Management

· View participants caller ID (when available) during call
· Add unlimited number of users with personal Guest/Host Room combinations
· Change Host or Guest Room number combinations
· Billing detail by department and Host Name
· Call detail e-mailed to Host upon completion of the call
· Update account information on line